Have you seen the game of Would You Rather…? You’re given a choice, like would you rather have a chance to meet your hero or get a million dollars? It’s kind of a fun game, if you enjoy getting into people’s heads. But sometimes, the questions seem rather silly, like would you rather complete your IFTA faster or track your maintenance.

How about finishing IFTA faster AND maintenance tracking?

You can have both. In this case, you don’t have to make a choice.

IFTA is based on mileage. When you think about it, so are your

  • tires
  • brakes
  • engine fluids.

So doesn’t it make sense to have a single program tracking both your mileage per state and your mileage for your maintenance?

IFTA shouldn’t be a big deal

IFTA should be just one of your business tasks, like checking your tires and scheduling your oil change with your preferred service company. It should take just about as much time as it takes to schedule that appointment and not a moment more.

Even 5 years ago, we know that there were truckers who were tracking all their miles on paper and then spending hours trying to reconcile their records and the IFTA fuel tax filing forms. Hours of frustration compounded by hours of anger that we’re paying more taxes – again.

But those miles can be counted easily for a faster IFTA when you use a routing program like PC*Miler. Those dispatches and loads can be tracked easily in a software program that keeps all that data – why not use it for your IFTA?

If you’ve got the right trucking management software system, it’s going to do your IFTA report faster than you’re going to get through a major interstate interchange – at midnight. When there’s no one else on the highway.

Because the data will already be there. Is your IFTA program producing your report in less than one minute? Because if it isn’t, you should be looking for a better program for a faster IFTA.

Faster IFTA with TruckingOffice

  • can be done wherever you have access to wifi
  • can be done while in your cab waiting for the next load
  • is simple to run and read
  • is based on actual numbers and recorded fuel purchases, not guesses.

We don’t want you to run the IFTA report while you’re driving, but if you’re off duty, your IFTA filing can be done in minutes using the TruckingOffice IFTA report.

  • We update the tax rates quarterly.
  • We maintain the software – you don’t have to worry about obsolete formulas.
  • Our secure storage system won’t lose your data.

Is this IFTA fuel tax filing slowing you down? It doesn’t have to with TruckingOffice.

Free trial for your faster IFTA filing

Not convinced that we’re the trucking management solution that you need? Try it out for free. Yes, free. You can take a look at all of our trucking management software

  • dispatch and routings
  • invoices and accounting designed for truckers
  • driver records management and settlements
  • maintenance records and scheduling
  • business reports specific to trucking

FOR FREE. Did we mention you don’t have to pay for the first 30 days?

Maybe we did say it was free. But we thought we’d say it again. A faster IFTA report so you can file and forget it until next quarter is probably worth mentioning.

Got questions about IFTA? Check out our IFTA Resource Center to find your answers.

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