- Photo: DTNA

Photo: DTNA

Daimler Trucks North America recently launched Excelerator, an e-commerce platform that was designed with input from more than 40 dealer partners. Excelerator succeeds Pinnacle Truck Parts as DTNA’s parts ordering platform.

“Excelerator connects our customers to our distribution network in a revolutionary way that better enables them to get the right part, at the right place and time, which is key to achieving our purpose of 24-hour or less turnaround for vehicle repairs,” said Stefan Kurschner, senior vice president, aftermarket at DTNA.

With industry analysts like MacKay & Company projecting online parts ordering will grow to 15% within the next three years, DTNA expects Excelerator to account for 25% of the company’s total parts sales. Excelerator maintains the relationship between the customer and the dealer, simplifying the parts ordering process by addressing the four stages of the online ordering process, search, find, buy and delivery, according to the company.

Exceleratorparts.com incorporates detailed images and search functionality, including the ability to search by vehicle maintenance report standards, vehicle identification numbers, product names, or part numbers. DTNA’s current online parts ordering platform, Pinnacle Truck Parts, is being phased out and Excelerator is being rolled out to DTNA’s 579 dealerships, fully replacing the aforementioned site before the end of the year.

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