Are you looking at Q2 of this year and thinking, “This will be my easiest IFTA ever?” because you didn’t haul any freight?

(Remember, you still have to file your IFTA even if you didn’t drive.)

We’re hoping next quarter will be better and we believe that as our economy improves, your loads will be going up too.

Customer Development and IFTA

Not a combination that really goes together, right? But you can work on developing a consistent relationship with some customers that work together for you.

If you’re in the sweet position of hauling consistently from one site to another, are you driving home with any empty trailer? Why not work on finding a shipper in that location that might fit into your schedule?

Maybe it’s not a full load. Maybe it’s not the best pay. But maybe it’s better than deadheading back home, right?

IFTA doesn’t care if you’re driving a full truck or an empty one. You have to report all your miles, so why not try to find a way to make that trip back home more profitable? Easiest IFTA – same miles, more money.

Customer Development is Broker Development

Brokers are feeling the pain too. This shutdown wasn’t in anybody’s plans and now we have to deal with the fallout. But by working with a good broker and proving you’re a trucker who is reliable, consistent, on time, and easy to work with, you’ll get a reputation as a trucker that brokers want to work with.

Easiest IFTA – maybe not. But a good broker will make a complicated IFTA worth it with good loads.

But why have a complicated IFTA? Long distance trucking might take you from Washington state to Florida, but that doesn’t mean you have to slave over your IFTA. The easiest IFTA of all uses your dispatch information to compute your taxes without you taking any more effort than typing in a command on your smartphone, tablet, laptop computer, or desktop.

That’s the beauty of TruckingOffice trucking management software. The complete software solution for your owner-operator trucking business isn’t impossible to find or too expensive to use. It’s as easy as a free trial of our complete software – not just part of the program like some trucking software programs. You’ll try it all and discover

  • how easy it is to create a dispatch and a routing using PC*Miler
  • fast and accurate invoices to your clients from your cab – no more waiting till you get home to your computer
  • maintenance records that will get your equipment in prime shape and keep it that way
  • business reports that show you how you’re making money – and how to make more
  • the easiest IFTA ever.

Don’t believe it? We don’t mind – it does sound too good to be true. But you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Our free trial is so good and complete that you can enter all of last quarter’s data into the system and press a button to get the easiest IFTA report ever – in less than one minute. Do it with the free trial – and your easiest IFTA ever will also be the cheapest, fastest IFTA you’ve ever done.

We’re betting that you will discover the easiest IFTA ever is only one part of the best trucking management software solution ever.

Here’s to a better Q3 and another easy IFTA in October. We can guarantee it if you use TruckingOffice.

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