- Photo: Ford

Photo: Ford

Ford Commercial Solutions is expanding its fleet management offerings with new tools that include real-time driver coaching through its SYNC 4 voice assistant that alerts drivers anytime they exceed a speed limit, rapidly accelerate, brake harshly, idle excessively, or fail to fasten a seatbelt.

Additionally, Ford Telematics will enable customers to monitor their vehicles after hours, according to Ford. New alerts will notify fleet operators if a vehicle is potentially being stolen, if it’s used without authorization, if it’s being towed or even if it has been damaged while parked. Fleets will be able to monitor these services via a web-based interface and smartphone app.

If any of these events occur, GPS tracking also allows managers to see the location of their vehicles even when they are turned off.

Ford is also offering integrated Driver ID, giving managers an easy way to associate drivers with specific vehicles. With this, managers could analyze performance metrics to potentially identify new coaching opportunities to help manage driver performance.

E-Transit owners will also get new EV monitoring tools to manage energy usage and gain key insights into E-Transit’s performance.

Beyond these new telematics-based services, Ford Commercial Solutions offers Ford Data Services, which provides manufacturer-grade data from vehicles for integration with proprietary software or existing authorized telematics providers, without the need for third-party plug-in devices.

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