Are you ready for September 29? In this edition of Overdrive Radio, we dive into the specifics of the hours of service changes for something of a final review with FMCSA’s Joe DeLorenzo, with a recap from our GATS Week session in late August a month ago, for the podcast audience. The talk centers on the new flexibilities, the particulars of just what constitutes off-duty time for an owner-operator, a variety of scenarios posed by those who were participating live in the discussion, and much more about the rule.

Will roadside inspectors be ready? Will ELD providers? Are you?

The original presentation DeLorenzo gave was broadcast to Overdrive‘s Facebook page (with support from Pedigree Technologies’ OneView telematics system) alongside a few slides that it’s pretty easy to follow along with if you have them. You can download them via this link. Take a listen:

Who among you will be the first to successfully log a break of at least two hours and not get penalized on the 14-hour window for the break? Is enforcement looking at the rule as DeLorenzo explained it? Is your ELD provider? We want to hear from you about how you’re using any of the new flexibilities inherent in the new changes to the rule. Reach out to me directly or tap the button to dial into our podcast line at 530-408-6423 to leave a message. Be sure to state your name and base location with any message.

One important point of emphasis about the changes: I asked DeLorenzo early on in our talk whether I was correct in reading the rule in the notion that if an owner-operator just continued logging like he or she was doing so today, prior to the changes, and had no intent to use the new portions of the rule, nothing essentially would change for that owner-operator. That is, he or she would not be in violation given the nature of these changes, right? Essentially, the answer to that question is yes. Knowing the particulars of the rule will give me many more options when it comes to planning around off-duty times, particularly those shorter two-or-more-hour breaks through the day.

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