Since its creation, telematics has evolved from a simple dots-on-a-map GPS location solution to a robust, comprehensive fleet management solution that has become, for many fleets, an indispensable tool.

Today, fleet management solutions can give fleet managers and other company stakeholders critical insights into vehicle location and health, and driver behavior—all in near real time. This data aids in keeping drivers on time, on the road, safe, and, for regulated fleets, in compliance.

And while what has become a standard fleet management solution will meet most fleets’ needs for routing, safety, and compliance, there are still gaps that need to be filled.

Expanding Capabilities

There’s no magic formula for creating a well-rounded fleet management solution that will answer all of your operational needs. Today, there is an array of add-on capabilities that are available that can help expand the capabilities of tracking every aspect of your fleet.

  • Camera Solutions: This technology is available with both forward-facing and cabin-facing cameras, and, increasingly, with an option to add to it to trailers. While drivers may object to having a cabin-facing camera, it is an effective way to monitor driver behavior, and hold drivers accountable for their good and poor driving habits. But, more importantly, cameras have been an effective tool in accident reconstruction—helping fleets limit liability and even exonerating drivers in the wake of a crash1.
  • Asset Tracker: While tracking solutions have been traditionally focused on the power unit, the trailer was often overlooked. No more. An emerging class of asset trackers are coming onto the market, which not only provide location data—helping to locate the trailer in a crowded depot to keep tabs on valuable cargo by monitoring the trailer doors2.
  • Workforce Manager: While it is imperative for fleets to track drivers’ hours of service (HOS) to remain safe and in compliance, it’s just as important for the operation to monitor whether drivers have completed their work, including when and how long it took, helping to better maximize efficiency, monitor individual productivity (e.g., is the driver taking too long or not enough time to complete a delivery or other non-driving part of the job), and, most importantly, that customers are being billed properly3.

Unique Solutions

As the above examples of fleet management solution add-ons illustrate, gone are the days when a telematics solution was a one-size-fits-all answer for any fleet.

Today, some fleet management solution providers, such AT&T, offer professional services that are designed to help companies identify, develop, and deploy a flexible, scalable, and secure solution that fits the specific needs of the operation.

These solutions include taking advantage of open APIs and IOX capabilities to find unique, bespoke answers to tough operational questions.

Having a consultative approach to developing and managing the solution—including its lifecycle, maintenance, and upgrades will help to future proof the technology, making sure that the fleet is always on or ahead of the curve to better to respond to and meet the needs of its clients and the business as a whole.

The Benefits of Being Well Rounded

Creating a well-rounded fleet management solution is not an end in itself—it should always, fundamentally, answer a specific business need or productivity challenge.

That being said, no matter what your well-rounded solution looks like, you will likely gain:

  • Efficiency: Productivity is enhanced.
  • Accountability: Drivers and the operation as a whole work to the highest industry standards.
  • Transparency: Company stakeholders and customers know exactly how the fleet is being operated; removing any guesswork about what’s working and what needs to be improved.

And these benefits translate directly into the bottom line.

To learn more about how AT&T can help you build a well-rounded fleet management solution go to att.com/fleetmanagement.


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