Let’s hear it for the self-described “door-swinger,” everybody. …

Rob Goodwin with american bulldog in semi truck

Terra Trucking-leased owner-operator Rob Goodwin and Patty, his three-year-old American bulldog, lookout, guard and so much more

That’d be current reefer hauler and former/still sometime step-decker and flatbedder Rob Goodwin, based up in the Texas panhandle and today running leased to a very small carrier. In this week’s edition of Overdrive Radio, we’ll hear how he got there, following some years running a small fleet with his authority, then a run-in with a bad broker that cost him well north of $10,000, and plenty business recalibration after that all started a chain of events leading back, ultimately, to a one-truck affair. As noted in my Friday post about his use of the Riteload no-broker, shipper-carrier connection engine for a good portion of his self-dispatched business’ freight, the last two years, too, he’s found what might be the greatest ride-along companion a dog lover could ask for in his Patty the Traveling Road Dog. Take a listen:

2000 Western Star semi truck parked

The 2000 Western Star workhorse that undergird’s Goodwin’s business is powered by a Detroit Series 60 and pulls a reefer trailer acquired via a messy bankruptcy of the prior small fleet Goodwin was leased to. The Carrier reefer unit replaced the original in recent times at minimal cost, considering its relatively young age.

Also in the podcast: Introducing Overdrive‘s collaboration with PRX’s Radiotopia podcast network — “Over the Road,” debuting Feb. 20. Catch the audio trailer with Long Haul Paul Marhoefer. Visit overtheroad.fm or search “Over the Road” via your favorite podcasting app to subscribe.

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