Where it is, where — and when — it isn’t, as it were. It’s a veritable cliche (though also a truism) that when it comes to truck parking, you can’t know where to focus your resources until you know what you’ve got, and the metropolitan planning organization in Maricopa County, Arizona, comprising the huge Phoenix metro area, of course, is acting on that notion through this month, said Tim Strow, transportation director for the Maricopa Association of Governments.

This map shows the region in question around Phoenix.

A big part of that, as is standard operating procedure in an era in which such organizations’ truck-parking focus has grown steadily for years, is outreach to those with the actual expertise on parking needs. As we’ve pointed out time and time again, that’s you.

Strow noted he was hopeful any of you with even the occasional route through Arizona that puts you on a short break or shut down for an overnight in Phoenix metro would take a few moments to add your input to this survey, open through Sept. 2. The survey module itself asks about more than just specific areas of need (though be prepared: is does give you the opportunity to chart specific places on a map for those of you intimately familiar with regular routes through the area). Strow and company are hopeful that, from this, the association will be able to develop a new plan for current/future parking infrastructure development in the first half of 2021.

The survey module, accessible by clicking through the image or at this link and with both mobile-centric and desktop versions, asks for preferences, too, when it comes expansion of public and/or private parking areas — with a fee or otherwise. Estimate length of time to complete: 10 minutes.

Truckers’ input, the organization noted, will help the organization “understand truck parking issues and better address current and future truck parking needs.”

Give it a whirl via AZmag.gov/truckparking.

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